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Significant redevelopment of the area is bringing new bars, restaurants and cafes to an already culturally vibrant quater

The building is located in the heart of Aldgate, the new destination for forward thinking and creative businesses.

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Transport to the rest of London’s Business and Cultural communities is unparalleled anywhere in East London

Shoreditch High St. Liverpool St. Aldgate Tower Hill Aldgate East Whitechapel Shoreditch High St. (7 mins) Whitechapel (9 mins) Liverpool St. (9 mins) Aldgate (2 mins) Bank (7 mins) Fenchurch St. (5 mins) Tower Hill (9 mins) Aldgate East (1 min) Stanstead Airport (58 mins) Heathrow Airport (49 mins) Paddington (23 mins) West End (18 mins) Waterloo (16 mins) Gatwick Airport (57 mins) City Airport (27 mins)
John Mcrae
Orms Architects

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John Mcrae
Orms Architects

Orms Architects have designed a unique facade and injected ‘character and soul’ into The Relay Building as a catalyst for attracting a new generation of occupier to Aldgate. We talk to Partner John McRae about his practice and what makes Aldgate different.

Q. Can you tell us about yourself and Orms?
A. Orms was formed 30 years ago and is currently 50 strong. Our clients include both office developers and occupiers. We create architecture that seeks to elevate the human experience through insight, collaboration, and design integrity. We believe that true innovation is not only in form, but in method. So, we listen; to clients, to each other, and to the individuals that live and work in our buildings. We like to start conversations. I have experience in a variety of sectors and my passion is creating a built environment that contributes to the users wellbeing and is sensitive to individual and collective needs. I contribute to many industry conferences and I am a member of British Council for Offices.

Q. What’s most enjoyable about the architectural process?
A. I really enjoy engaging with dynamic people to create innovative solutions to often conflicting needs. Architecture is a backdrop that influences the day to day experience of life but I enjoy the moment when the client or occupier can see our dream built; that is magical.

Q. When did you first visit Aldgate? What did you think?
A. In 2006 when we helped ISG design their workplace in Aldgate House. At that time it was a ‘no mans’ land for office occupiers, especially the creative sector. Now there’s a sense it’s changing and attracting a new generation of occupier.

Q. Architecturally, what do you think of the area?
A. As with many parts of London, new meets old in some fascinating and quirky ways. Aldgate has this in abundance, but needs an office community that will engage with its eclectic cultures, arts and the nearby Brick Lane. Occupiers are now seeking locations and buildings with character; Aldgate really has the potential to provide this and The Relay Building is a leading example.

Q. Do you have a different view of the area now?
A. With the rocketing rents throughout London a new generation of occupier are creating a new hub or quarter in Aldgate. There are already signs of this and The Relay Building can play a major part in this renaissance.

Q. What makes Aldgate different?
A. The majority of East London has already been ‘gentrified’ but Aldgate is still raw and evolving and in many ways finding its soul. At an exciting juncture of its evolution, attracting open minded, culturally aware occupiers will help define its soul.

Q. How do you see the future of Aldgate?
A. It would be great to reinstate the importance of Aldgate as the eastern most gateway between the City of London and Whitechapel. It is starting to reinvent itself with the right mix of office occupiers to integrate with the local community and create a new Quarter.

Bryony Harris
Whitechapel Gallery

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Exmouth Coffee Company

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Exmouth Coffee Company

Djanel and Edwin opened the Exmouth Coffee Company in 2012, and haven’t looked back. They tell us why Aldgate is so special.

Q. Tell us about yourselves?
A. Edwin: We are Exmouth Coffee Company. I run the back end of the business with Djanel running the public facing part of the business. The origins of coffee is African. We now have a roasting side of our business producing our own coffee in Aldgate which we distribute to other cafes in London. It’s very important to give very good coffee to our customers.

Q. When did you first visit Aldgate?
A. Djanel: I used to live round the corner in Brick Lane. I passed Aldgate every day with my eyes open looking for a space. I looked for a shop for over a year in many areas until I found this one. I loved the area and the shop itself. Once we learned about the area, we realised there is a great mixture of different people and this junction is where you see it the most.
Edwin: It’s such an amazing area. The eclectic mix of people is what makes it so special.

Q. How have you seen the area change?
A. Edwin: It’s the mix that makes the area so special. You might see someone from the local Bengali community brushing shoulders with a rich Russian. That’s what makes London and this area great.

Djanel: Aldgate East is the border of where things are happening. We came to these premises three years ago and the business has just got better and better with the quality of the businesses coming to the area. There is a lot to see now and it’s very impressive how the area has changed.
Edwin: Geographically it’s really good and
well connected and geography doesn’t lie.

Q. What are your favourite parts of the area?
A. Djanel: I walk past the Whitechapel Gallery, past the station then left down towards Brick Lane where you start getting a great mixture of people. It’s always different and the culture is very rich. You never get bored. There is always something to discover and something new happening. The street art in Brick Lane is always changing. I like walking to the top end of Brick Lane towards Shoreditch Station and back up to Commercial Street. There is Spitalfields Market and every day is different. That brings different kinds of people. It’s a beautiful block.

Q. What makes Aldgate different?
A. Edwin: Here you see integration and that’s the key to this area. In Old Street you now have buildings being bought by the super rich for investment with hardly any lights on. In Aldgate people live and work here. It’s like a town or a large village. There is a creative element at work and that makes it different. In some areas the architecture might be beautiful, but there is no heart and this area has a true heart.

Q. How do you see the future of Aldgate?
A. Edwin: With the developments in the area we hope that people see how great this area is. There are more people coming and it’s moving in the right direction. I like it here a lot – there’s a niceness about it. It’s a special place for us.

High quality contemporary business accommodation with flexible open floorplates in excess of 15000 sq ft

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  • Floor 1
  • Floors 2-6
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  • Offices – 14,817 sq ft
  • Offices range from 15,814 to 15,913 sq ft


  • Media - 15,737 sq ft
  • Cellular - 15,737 sq ft
  • Financial - 15,737 sq ft
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  • Cellular Offices – 2 Open Plan Workstations – 124
    Alternative Workstations – 20 Reception – 2 Total Workstations – 148
  • 27 x Double Free Earners – 54 2 x Single Free Earners - 2
    Secretaries at Sec (4 F/E Ratio) – 14 Para Legals at 1 P/L (14 F/E) – 14 Others – 11 Total Workstations – 95
  • 9 x Single Offices – 9 90 x Traders Analysts – 90
    54 x Admin Support – 54 Reception / Other – 1 Total Workstations – 154


  • Exposed ceilings and services
  • Four pipe fan coil air conditioning system
  • Fully accessible raised floors
  • 3.3m slab to slab height
  • LG7 lighting standard for offices
  • 1:10 m2 design occupancy
  • Floor Loadings:
    Offices – 5 KN/m2
    Car park – 2.5 KN/m2
    Plant areas – 7.5 KN/m2
  • Fire Strategy and means of escape will accomodate 1:7.5 m2
  • 3 x 13 person passenger lifts
  • Bike Storage
  • Shower and locker facilities
  • Car Parking
  • Energy Performance Asset Rating Level C (51-75)


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